"Chapter 4: Lab 2: Logic Operators" problem wording is confusing

At first I thought it would mean something along these lines:

  $or: [ 
    {"founded_month":9, $or: [
      {"category_code": "web"}, {"category_code": "social"}

But was very surprised to see it’s two separate $or clauses after failing 3 times, because the wording implies only one global $or clause between founded year query and the month one.

Hi @Vasya_Berdyaev,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We will try to rephrase the problem statement to make it more clear.

~ Shubham

@Vasya_Berdyaev is right. I’m having the same problem and I came hare looking for a better phrasing for the problem

Its still the same… the language is too confusing …