Chapter-4 Lab 2: Array Operators

Using the sample_airbnb.listingsAndReviews collection find out how many documents have the “property_type” “House”, and include “Changing table” as one of the “amenities”?

For the above question, the query I came up with is: db.listingsAndReviews.find({"$expr":{"$and":[{"$eq":["$property_type","House"]},{"amenities":{"$all":["Changing table"]}}]}}).count()
which gave me an error:
uncaught exception: Error: count failed: {
“operationTime” : Timestamp(1606200951, 2),
“ok” : 0,
"errmsg" : “Unrecognized expression ‘$all’”,
“code” : 168,
“codeName” : “InvalidPipelineOperator”,
“$clusterTime” : {
“clusterTime” : Timestamp(1606200951, 2),
“signature” : {
“hash” : BinData(0,“1F1bL+fwCsA/7IUfqtLvovuQbq0=”),
“keyId” : NumberLong(“6890856103911882754”)

Thus I modified my query to:
db.listingsAndReviews.find({"$expr":{"$and":[{"$eq":["$property_type","House"]},{"amenities":"Changing table"}]}}).count()
This gave me a count of ‘606’, but the grader says it’s wrong answer. Please help me find out my mistake.

Thanks & Regards,

  • Riz M

Hi @Riyaz_Ali,

I can’t say if this will yield the right result, but still some ideas:

$expr takes an expression as its input. The first slice is fine, but $all is not a valid expression operator.

We could re-write the query as:

"amenities":{"$in":["Changing table"]} 

// or

"amenities": "Changing table" 

Again, for the second block of code, a plain object isn’t a valid expression.


Thank you for your response Santiago!

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