Chapter 2: Lab 2.6 - Error forking and logging KMIP

Yes, you read it right! I’m not able to fork… mongod process whilst enabling Storage Level encryption using KMIP.

Problem: Using --fork and --logpath options fails to start up the server
Workaround: If you encounter this problem, omit the --fork and --logpath options for this lab
Explanation: Curriculum Engineers? Anyone?

Below is a replay of my actions (follow the numbers):

  1. Initial try that included --fork and --logpath. The green blocks are redacted parts for obvious reasons. :wink:
  2. Shows there’s an error
  3. A view of the last couple of lines of the log file. The first error message states that “No such file or directory exists” which is wrong because the file most certainly exist and the parent/sub folders have the right permissions. Read on!
  4. Second try without --fork and --logpath
  5. Success! Ready to accept connections! And this was how I passed this lab.

NB: I also tried from a fresh machine (i.e. destroy and provision the database machine) and still had the same issue. In addition, I didn’t alter any settings/upgrade any packages/dbs. I’m using exactly what came with this lab.

Anyone else experienced this problem?

Hi @007_jb,

I am not sure about this issue as I am able to run using config file having fork parameter and logpath as well.

But I will try to dig up more. :slight_smile:


Hello @kanikasingla,

Thanks for testing. Did you run it from the provisioned VM as well? And it has to include all the relevant KMIP options. It’s only when I combine it with the KMIP options that I encounter this problem. I can send you my connection string to try? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I am running from the provisioned VM and database as your screenshots were referring to. Just to be sure, this HW2.6 is expected to run from infrastructure environment right?

That would be great!!


Both machines are used for this lab. infrastructure runs KMIP and database machine connects to infrastructure's KMIP.

Please send me a PM and I’ll send you the connection string.

Did you manage to replicate this problem @kanikasingla?