Chapter 1: LDAP user(s)

I try to follow the instructor, and he uses the following:
username - kirby, password - ldap.
Where does he get this account? how do I set up LDAP account “vicky” and specify the password for it? seems like this kirby account came from nowhere…

Hello Victoria_91811,

Thanks for the note. You’re right - the user kirby was created off-screen. Unfortunately, creating new users in LDAP is out of scope for this course. We are currently developing content for integrating LDAP with MongoDB, but it will not be ready for a few months.

You can read about creating new users in OpenLDAP here. Bear in mind that creating a new user might be different if you’re using Active Directory.

As a general point, when using LDAP, user credentials are stored in the LDAP server - not in MongoDB. At 2:11 in the video, you can see Kirby configuring saslauthd to communicate with the LDAP server. The hostname and port in that file (ldap://localhost:389) represent the location of the LDAP server. So if you wanted to replicate what Kirby does in the video, you should run your LDAP server on that hostname and port, and then create the users in LDAP depending on whether you’re using OpenLDAP or Active Directory.

I hope this helps! Sorry if it was confusing in the video.


thanks for the informative answer.

Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying. I could still do some. :slight_smile: