Chapter 1 - Lab Computing Fields

After staging with string and size I’m getting answer of 4**88. But there is no option for it. Can you explain me what I’m getting and what options are!!
I tried staging with 2 different types but both time same answer of it.

Hi @Raj_kadecha,

If you know it’s not the right result, you can safely share the pipeline on the post.

I already open detailed answer and check it. That same code I entered to mongo shell to check answer and understand it but it gives me same 44488. If your permission then I can paste my approach here.

If it is the same the same code it should give the same answer unless you are using the wrong data or altered data. Simply blur your code if you publish it. Anyway, somebody who really wants to learn will try to come up with the answer by them self. Others will find a way to get a good mark just for the good mark without doing the hard work.

Hi @Raj_Kadecha,

I have initiated a discourse inbox message with you to discuss the doubts that you might have regarding the aggregation pipeline.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,

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Thank you for support. I understand my mistake and got answer.

Thanks once again.