Chapter-1: Installing Vagrant -- Different path for shared folders


I need some help here.
My database VM shows different folders compared to infrastructure VM

Database VM:
vagrant@database:~/shared$ pwd
vagrant@database:~/shared$ ls -ltr
total 8
dr-x------ 1 vagrant vagrant 4096 Oct 12 05:22 Team Drives
drwx------ 1 vagrant vagrant 4096 Oct 12 05:22 My Drive

Infrastructure VM:
[vagrant@infrastructure shared] pwd /home/vagrant/shared [vagrant@infrastructure shared] ls -ltr
total 4
-rwx------. 1 vagrant vagrant 6 Oct 18 06:18 test.txt
[vagrant@infrastructure shared]$

Infrastructure VM shows correct path as required. But, database VM shows different shared folder path.
Can you help me to fix this issue


Hi mv_viswanath,

I’m not sure I follow the issue.

I would probably test that the shared folder syncs with a file rather than directory names with spaces - eliminate any variance with os, shells, etc

Next I would review the troubleshooting steps regarding shared folder and sync (bottom of installing Vagrant lecture page)

Hope that helps,


Based on the paths you provided, it seems that you may have move a file by mistake into ~/vagrant/shared while the actual shared folder resides in ~/shared dir.

Are both vagrant vms inside the same folder?

Are you using the default m310-vagrant-env folder provided on the handouts?