Change the default dbpath

hi everyone, I cant fix this error, I trying fixing it in many ways but I dont have the solution and where is the problem, so in the terminal it says that the path doesnt exist, I don know if im setting wrong the dbpath way or Im calling it bad in the terminal, Im using the next command mongo -f mongod.conf. Please

the first thing to try is to create the directory

I did it men

So even after creating the dir it is failing?
show output of
cd /var/mongodb/db
ls -lrt /var/mongodb/db

both folders are empty, but if I ls -l in /var/mongodb folder it shows drwxr - 2 root
I dont know why it doesnt work I did like the tutorial says

Not clear what you meant by both folders
I have asked about only db folder
Please paste output of the commands i asked for
How did you create your dbpath dir?
What command you used?
Can you create a file under db folder?

haha okay sorry, when I said both folder I mean mongodb and db folders, for create the folder I use mkdir - p /var/mongodb/db.

You are supposed to create the directory on the IDE, not on you host machine.

Hi @jose_pena,

This :point_down:t2: