CH2: User Facing Backend - Ticket: Paging - Paging By Genre expects 17911 documents, 17904 returned

The search by genre ticket tests passed fine, and all the other Paging tests pass fine, but Paging by Genre expects 17911 documents returned, but only 17904 are returned.

Using compass, I replicated the query of {"genres": {"$in": ["Comedy", "Drama"]}} and, again, 17904 documents returned.

My guess is the sample data we can load into Atlas changed, and the course hasn’t been updated, or something went wrong with loading that data into Atlas.

Additionally, after updating the expected value from 17911 to 17904 to make the test pass (I died microscopically inside), validating the feature worked as expected and the ticket passed.

We fixed this issue from our end. Let me cross check and get back to you.


I just checked and the latest handout have the fixes, please download the zip folder again from the course and let me know.