Cant connect to new replica set master / Unable to reach primary for set

Hi @hwakeling,

Please share the command you are using to connect.


I have installed 4.0 previously then as suggested by mthiel79 have installed 3.6.11 available at mongo db download center, but while making connection with notes provided string it fails to connect

Hi @Sushrut_72159,

Please check if antivirus/firewall is blocking the requests or if you are using office system, ask you IT administrator to allow IP.

You can check using ping


Hi @Kanika,

I can ping the host and followed all the instructions suggested here but still unable to connect.

`cannot reach any nodes for set Cluster0-shard-0. Please check network connectivity and the status of the set. This has happened for 6 checks in a row.

kindly assist.

Are you using Windows or Vagrant for your work?
Can you paste the exact command you used with screen shot
I am able to connect to

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here is the screenshot, I am using windows 10, I can telnet and ping the server, using latest mongo db shell v4.9

From Atlas portal try enabling the “Access from Anywhere” . Go to your cluster --> Security --> IP whitelist --> click on Add IP Address button . then click on “allow Access from Anywhere” --> confirm.