Can't access shared folder in infrastructure VM

I can see the shared the shared folder in the infrastructure VM, but it is empty. But the same shared folder in the database VM has all the files that I copied over to it on my local machine. So does anyone know why I can’t access these files in the infrastructure VM or what I can do to fix it?

Hi siddharth-paruchuru,

I would make sure you’ve installed the vagrant-vbguest plugin

cd m310-vagrant-env

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

Also I would follow the trouble shooting steps at the bottom of the Installing Vagrant lesson.

Thanks for the reply dschupp! I realized that the issue was that the files were in a different shared folder. In database VM, they were in /home/vagrant/shared, but in infrastructure they were in /vagrant/shared

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Thanks a lot Siddharth, not the first time I’m coming across this problem I believe, but forgot what the solution was.
This helped!