Cannot ssh to Database/Infrastructure

HI mentors,
I have the following problem. It might sound stupid but I definitely want to understand why.
Looks like VMs are running:


I am trying to ssh to them and this is what I get:


Followed suggestions in other forums and did the following:
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest
attempted to vagrant reload database and vagrant provision database and get the following, not understanding…

Performed the same for infrastructure:

Please help me understand what the issue is.

Hi @Timur_Akhmadulin,

I found this article which helps resolves a very similar issue you have:

Please let me know if it din’t work. Meanwhile, I am looking into other solutions.


Thanks a lot Kanika.

Even though this post really talks about a few possible solutions, what really worked for me is enabling Virtualization through BIOS.

Hopefully it will work for others who come across the same problem.


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Thanks for sharing that @Timur_Akhmadulin. :slight_smile: I have marked it as solution so that other people can help from this.