Cannot ssh to Database/Infrastructure - cont'd

Hi I have opened the same post before and prematurely flagged as resolved. Maybe make sense to merge this topic into my old one.

I had issues connecting to database machine, which I resolved by enabling virtualization from BIOS, and it worked just fine. however overnight my machine was force restarted due to some other application and Virtual box started gave me an issue, unfortunately I didn’t do the screen shot. I resolved that issue by uninstalling and installing the latest version of virtual box and restarting my machine.
Now I have a another problem (which is actually an old problem).

The problem is again there, I cannot ssh to any machine.

Please help me what problem I have now

Resolved as described in this post:

Vagrant destroy,
remove all the created folders in the m310-vagrant-env
Vagrant up

Please do not mark it as resolve for a couple of days, just in case there will be some other issues. As in my cases there were two fixes that I needed to do. Not sure what more to expect.

Thanks for sharing the resolution here @Timur_Akhmadulin. I am hopeful whoever going through the same can get help from this post. :slight_smile:

How about we close this one as the issue covered in this topic is resolved and you can create new topic with any issue you encounter during the course? If you still want to keep this open, then I will not close this one :slight_smile:


Hi Kanika,

I think we can close it now. Thank you for the support.

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