Can not download the proof of couse completion

I just finished this course today and I can not download the proof of completion. As shown in the first image I do not have a “proof of completion” link.

! If I go to my current course, I can see a link to the “proof of completion”(as shown in the second image) but it doesn’t work: nothing is downloaded. .
It could be related to the fact that I took the exam in the last minutes and I didn’t submitted in time the answer to the last item of the test . The final grade was computed as this last item wasn’t right. The only problem is that I can not download the proof of completion
Thank you in advance for your answer

Hi @Daniela_33124,

I would recommend you to wait for a week before downloading the Proof Of Completion for the M121 course.

If you complete the course on your own without leaving any question unattempted, the Proof of Completion gets generated right away. However, if any graded assignment is left unattempted, then the system generates the Proof of Completion and it might take a week’s time after the course ends.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



I’ve been trying again to download the proof of completion and it worked.

Thank you!

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