Attribute pattern Lab and validation code

Hi, thanks for the help ahead of time… I feel that I have the correct answer, and completely understand the problem. I am running the correct command for the file (not using example) and get a congratulations with a code… It just does not evaluate to correct. First, If you get a validation code is it only when the solution is correct? Next, the acquisition field and the events field can be combined to a key value array of string to date… That is my solution. I kept the events keyword for this array of documents. Any ideas what I am not understanding?

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I’m having the same issue. don’t know what I’m missing. I’m on mac

I noted that students had the same issue (and later complained that the schema matched the solution) last time the course was offered. I am on windows (64) and therefore use that validator. Furthermore, unless I include a beginning space, the code will not be accepted (not enough characters).

Arw3n, the answer I had EXACTLY matched the given answer, and the given answer gave me exactly the answer I had been given prior (and has been marked incorrect). I have no further ideas. I hope the moderator sees this and understands that there is a problem

@mclovis thanks for the response… I’m out of ideas also…


Some of you were affected by an issue on our side.
The validation code produced by the validator is right, however, it may not have been accepted from the server.
Those who were affected and failed the homework have been credited for their work.

Thanks for reporting the issue.


I’m still getting this issue on Windows. The validator is telling me I got the right answer, it’s giving me a code, but the code is being rejected by the server.


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Can you share a screenshot of the command that you ran? Exclude the code.


There are a couple of posts regarding this same query. Here’s one such post.

I am also getting the same error, and due to this i failed in the assignment