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Add MongoDB 4.2 ARM64 builds for Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit (Debian Buster)

Raspberry Pi OS now has an ARM64 version
more info:

I would love to run MongoDB 4.2 on RaspberryPi OS (arm64) 64 bit.
Raspberry Pi OS is based on Debian.

Currently MongoDB is only building ARM64 for older versions of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a beginner focused OS, while more experienced Linux users generally use Debian.

Please add MongoDB 4.2 ARM64 builds for Debian 10 Buster (that will work on Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit)

Having builds for ARM64 Debian 10 Buster will make it easier for Raspberry Pi OS industrial engineers and students to deploy MongoDB applications on RbPi and focus on MongoDB applications.
Currently there’s additional friction in that we’d have to manually build MongoDB on Debian 10 ARM64, every time there’s an update. Also the uncertainty regarding whether it will work or not further discourages MongoDB adoption.

A lot of companies focus on students, because they’re the next generations of engineers. RaspberryPi OS is based on Debian and is the OS recommended by the RaspberryPi Foundation. They renamed it from Raspbian (a play on the words Raspberry and Debian) to “Raspberry Pi OS” to make it obvious that it’s the main (most supported, recommended/updated etc) OS. MongoDB would be wise to add builds for this!

MongoDB 4.2 ARM 64 builds for Debian 10 Buster that works on Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit, come on, let’s go!

Hi @Joshua_Maserow -

Adding a new officially supported platform is a fairly significant undertaking for us. We typically only add new platforms in new releases, so we are very unlikely to add support for Debian 10 ARM64 for v4.2. We don’t currently have Debian 10 ARM64 on the v4.4 roadmap either, and given that v4.4 is coming soon, I don’t expect that to change.

I have flagged your request as we consider the roadmap for the next version of MongoDB. That though is unlikely to improve the situation on Raspberry Pi in the near term, unless that results in a further decision to backport that support to v4.4, which I think is unlikely.

In your post you said that there was additional friction to manually build MongoDB on Debian for ARM64. Is that due to the performance of the Raspberry PI as a build host? Would it be helpful if we provided some instructions on how to do a Debian 10 ARM64 targeted build on a Debian 10 x86_64 system?


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