About M312: Diagnostics and Debugging

Welcome to M312: Diagnostics and Debugging. We hope you enjoy your time with us and learn lots about diagnosing problems and debugging your MongoDB applications.

There are a few points to keep in mind while using this Discussion Forum.:

  • Content
    This course runs on a weekly basis. This means that content – usually two chapters – is released at the start of each week and the homework and activities for those chapters are due at the end of the week.
    Once you complete all the graded labs for a particular chapter, next week’s content will be available to you right away.
    The course syllabus provides approximate times for completing each week. However, these are only a guide and we recommend you don’t leave it to the last day of the weekend to complete the material.

  • Homework
    Each chapter of the course ends with some Homework problems. Taken together, these will be 50% of your grade as described in the About page (https://university.mongodb.com/courses/M312/about). We recommend that you read the instructions for each problem carefully, as there are a limited number of times that you may change an answer, and we find that sometimes a student may have the correct answer but simply not be posting it correctly. If you have trouble with the question, or if your first attempt at an answer is incorrect, we suggest that you seek help in this forum before re-submitting your answer.

  • Forum
    The forum is here for you to get assistance. However, we ask that you don’t post potential or actual answers (including code). This just spoils the learning experience for others if they come across your answers. Instead please try and describe your issue with as much detail without giving hints. If we feel there is too much information we may edit or remove a post.
    If you need help, please start a new thread and don’t tack on a new issue or topic to another thread. It may get missed and you won’t get the assistance you need. In particular, even if a thread seems to be similar to your question, starting a new thread is usually the best way to get a speedy reply.

  • Final Exam
    The final exam consists of a series of questions and lab exercises in the same format as the labs, except you may change your answer as many times as you like up until the close. For this reason, you don’t get immediate feedback on whether you were right or wrong. Your final is marked after the week closes or all the graded assignments are attempted.