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Discussion about M220P and Application Development with MongoDB and Python.

Hello everyone, and welcome to M220P! I’m Matt, one of the Curriculum Engineers at MongoDB.

This is a brand new course, meant to replace the older M101P as an introduction to MongoDB for Python developers. We are very excited to start this new course and hope the new courseware, UI, and discussion forums enhance your learning experience.

As this course rolls out, there may be various issues that arise in the courseware or the instructions. We encourage you to post any questions, comments, or potential issues here in the discussion forum as you encounter them in the course.

When using the forums keep the following in mind:

  • Search for your question before posting.
  • Please don’t share homework and quiz answers with other learners.

Good luck and welcome to M220P!



@mattjavaly - please see this thread. I’m stuck and can’t proceed with the training due to the configparser - python version issue. Please advice if there is a workaround. Anyway, that an AMI or conda environment could be made available that i can provision on AWS or Anaconda with the env configured. I’m assuming that the true purpose of the ‘.rst’ file is to demonstrate the Atlas setup/load workflow and getting into pymongo and MongoDB and less about package configuration to make sure Flask plays well in myriad hardware configs.

[Update] - Just to eliminate any issues with my environment, I uninstalled Anaconda completely (anaconda-clean) and reinstalled with the py 3.7 version and got all the necessary packages per requirements.txt. Here is my terminal session from within Anaconda:
`JRs-MacBook-Pro:~ sandeepmohan$ /Users/sandeepmohan/.anaconda/navigator/a.tool ; exit;
(base) bash-3.2$ cd Desktop/Mongo_for_python/m220/mflix-python/
(base) bash-3.2$ conda info --envs

conda environments:

base * /Applications/anaconda3

(base) bash-3.2$ python run.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “run.py”, line 13, in
app.config[‘MFLIX_DB_URI’] = config[‘PROD’][‘MFLIX_DB_URI’]
File “/Applications/anaconda3/lib/python3.7/configparser.py”, line 958, in getitem
raise KeyError(key)
KeyError: ‘PROD’`

You can also create the environments using Anaconda Navigator, with the plus + Create. And install all dependencies and other withing that environment.

Please use this comand in the directory where dotini_win is located:
ren dotini_win .ini # on Windows

I have already created Atlas cluster with name cluster0 for previous course Mongodb Basic
so I am not able to change the name to mflix so what to do ?

Hi Matt,

I’m unable to set up environment as the command “conda --name mflix” is giving error in my cmd prompt.

PFB the snapshot of the error:

C:\Users\kants\M220\mflix-python>conda create --name mflix
‘conda’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

You do not need to change the name of the previous cluster. Just create a new free tier cluster for mflix and you are good to go.

Hello @mattjavaly. Can you help me with this issue:


Hi Matt,

Chapter One did not have any major issues from me. Running Windows 10 with Visual Studio Code as my IDE. I did notice that the example uses .count, which is deprecated. At some point, you might want to consider pointing out that Collection.count_documents is what pyMongo prefers.

Other than that, great intro!


thank you,
i am very happy to part of this class