1.6 Unexpected replica set status among instances

I went through the homework steps and in the end was able to
authenticate ‘adam’ with the new ‘webscale’ password in both the mongo shell and using saslauthd.
When running the validate script I received output indicating my primary mongod was
RECOVERING and my other 2 mongod instances were (not reachable/healthy).
That did not seem right, but I submitted the JSON reply anyway. Not surprisingly, it was incorrect.

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Hi Bill,

Yes, the replica set needs to be in a healthy state for the validation script to output the correct answer.

If you’re having trouble with you replica set keep in mind that LDAP is an external authentication mechanism only. It needs an internal authentication mechanism for the members of the replica set. You might want to review Homework 1.5.

Hope that helps,



Thank you very much for the pointer David. I am good now.