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Pavel Duchovny

Senior TSE - Tel Aviv

Hi, there! I am Pavel a former Senior Technical Services Engineer and now a Senior Developer Advocate @MongoDB. My professional sphere was always the database world, so I come to share my knowledge and passion for the data driven development.

Articles by Pavel Duchovny


How to Securely Connect MongoDB Atlas Projects to Cloud-Offered Kubernetes Clusters

A high-level guide on how to securely connect MongoDB Atlas with the Kubernetes offerings from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.


Atlas Multi-Cloud Global Cluster: Always Available, Even in the Apocalypse!

Learn how to build Atlas Multi-Cloud Global Cluster: Always available, even in the apocalypse!


Realm Serverless platform integration with No-Code Composer from AppGyver

Tutorial on Realm Serverless platform integration with the No-Code platform from AppGyver


Building Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management

Learn how to build Service-Based Atlas Cluster Management webhooks/functionality with Atlas API and MongoDB Realm.

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