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Mark Smith

I'm a Python, Rust & Go developer with experience in a wide range of different industries. I'm known in the industry for writing terrible code and attempting to sell it as best-practice. I love teaching and helping people out with awkward problems. When I'm not coding, you'll probably find me with a soldering iron in hand, building a custom mechanical keyboard.

Articles by Mark Smith


How to Import Data into MongoDB with mongoimport

Learn how to import different types of data into MongoDB, quickly and efficiently, using mongoimport.


Quick Start: Up and Running with Rust and MongoDB

Learn how to perform CRUD operations using Rust for MongoDB databases.


Basic MongoDB Operations in Python

Learn how to perform CRUD operations using Python for MongoDB databases.


How to work with Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Data in MongoDB Atlas

Making the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Data open and accessible to all with MongoDB

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