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Ian Ward

Senior Product Manager - San Francisco, California

Ian joined MongoDB through the Realm acquisition in May 2019. Prior to that he was the first field engineer for startups, Meraki, Mesosphere, and Realm, and has several years of experience building and designing mobile application architectures. Now he does product for MongoDB, focusing on the SDKs and sync technologies under the Realm umbrella. In his spare time, Ian likes to sail, ski, and mountaineer through the Sierras.

Articles by Ian Ward


Realm SwiftUI Property wrappers and MVI architecture Meetup

Missed Realm SwiftUI Property wrappers and MVI architecture meetup event? Don't worry, you can catch up here.


Realm Core Database 6.0: A New Architecture and Frozen Objects

Explaining Realm Core Database 6.0 and Frozen Objects


Realm SDKs 10.0: Cascading Deletes, ObjectIds, Decimal128, and more

The Realm SDK 10.0 is now Generally Available with new capabilities such as Cascading Deletes and new types like Decimal128.

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