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I started my career developing real-time database software before eventually moving into product management for MySQL/Oracle. In 2015, I jumped at the chance to join MongoDB as a product marketeer, and I've since wormed my way back into software development. My current role is to develop and build content around mobile apps using Realm.

Articles by Andrew Morgan


Accessing Realm Data on iOS Using Realm Studio

Discover how to access and manipulate your iOS App's Realm data using the Realm Studio GUI.


Building a Mobile Chat App Using Realm – Integrating Realm into Your App

How to incorporate Realm into your iOS App. Building a chat app with SwiftUI and Realm-Cocoa


Integrate Your Realm App with Amazon EventBridge

Step through extending a Realm chat app to send messages to a Slack channel using Amazon EventBridge


Building a Mobile Chat App Using Realm – Data Architecture

Building a Mobile Chat App Using Realm – Data Architecture.


Build Your First iOS Mobile App Using Realm, SwiftUI, & Combine

Build your first iOS mobile app using Realm, SwiftUI, and Combine.


Working with MongoDB Stitch Through the mongo Shell - MongoDB Wire Protocol Support

The Stitch SDK is the best way to access MongoDB Stitch from your frontend application code.


MongoDB Stitch Authentication Triggers

See how Stitch authentication triggers let you use third-party user-authentication services such as Facebook or Google.

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