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Ado Kukic

I am a full-stack developer and senior developer advocate at MongoDB as well as a Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. I love programming and education, and create tutorials, talks, courses, and other educational content focusing on databases, serverless technologies, security, authentication, and much more. On the front-end, I prefer building apps in React, while on the backend I often flip-flop between Node and Golang.

Articles by Ado Kukic


Set Global Read and Write Concerns in MongoDB 4.4

Learn how to set global read isolation and write durability defaults in MongoDB 4.4.


Optimize and Tune MongoDB Performance with Hidden Indexes

Learn how to optimize and fine tune your MongoDB performance with hidden indexes.


Use MongoDB as the Data Store for your Strapi Headless CMS

Learn how to use MongoDB Atlas as a data store for your Strapi Headless CMS.


Build a RESTful API with HapiJS and MongoDB

Learn how to build an API with HapiJS and MongoDB.


Working with MongoDB Charts and the new JavaScript SDK

Learn how to visualize your data with MongoDB Charts.


Do You Need Mongoose When Developing Node.js and MongoDB Applications?

Learn why using an Object Data Modeling library may not be the best choice when building MongoDB apps with Node.js.


Build a Modern Blog with Gatsby and MongoDB

Learn how to build a modern blog with GatsbyJS, MongoDB, and Markdown.


Build a Property Booking Website with Starlette, MongoDB, and Twilio

Learn how to build a property booking website in Python with Starlette, MongoDB, and Twilio.


Building Modern Applications with Next.js and MongoDB

Learn how to couple Next.js and MongoDB for your next-generation applications.

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