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MongoDB for Academia

Teach modern databases with MongoDB

Enrich your curriculum with MongoDB content and prepare the developers of tomorrow to build modern applications.

Teach MongoDB with Confidence

Gain access to MongoDB software and curriculum content sourced from MongoDB education experts that easily integrates in your classroom teaching. We can also consult you with planning a curriculum.

MongoDB University On-Demand

You and your students will receive special on-demand access to MongoDB University, with cohort tracking, usage analytics in addition to great content that you can incorporate into your curriculum.

Connect with Educators Around the World

Access our MongoDB for Academia community to collaborate, share tips and get inspired.

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For Students

If you’re a student, you can apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack and get access to MongoDB Atlas, University on-demand content and certifications.

For Educators

MongoDB for Academia is for educators who want to prepare students for careers that require in-demand database skills that power modern applications.

You’re eligible for this program if you teach:

  • Higher Education, College and University programs
  • Bootcamps and Online Courses

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If you’re interested in receiving MongoDB course materials or if you like us to review your current content, please let us know by submitting the form and we’ll get back to you within five business days.

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